Apr 26 2018

Rental Property Inspections

Property Inspections Ok, so you have invested in some real estate property. You have decided this is the investing path you prefer over other investment options. How do you protect that investment? If you’re not conducting regular property inspections of your investments, you are putting your investments at risk. Property inspections are akin to looking

Apr 23 2018

How to Calculate Property Management Fees

If you are a real estate property owner, you may or may not hire a professional property manager. Of course, if you manage your own properties, you can save the management fees that a property manager would charge. Those fees typically range from 8-12%. Even if you manage your own, it is best practice to

Apr 17 2018

Does Your Property Manager Have A Killer Website?

Professional Property Managers are big business and with that comes marketing. There are various ways to market a property management company. However, there is no more single important marketing avenue as the website. Real Estate Websites A website is your store front to the public and your potential customers. It describes who you are, what