1. real-estate-management-software

    These Advancements Are Bringing Real Estate into the Modern Era

    Many industries throughout the marketplace have changed their practices in response to developments in technology, but real estate, including property management is still largely stuck in the past. On-demand app development is making access to services easier than. Artificial intelligence and the In…Read More

  2. multi-family-housing

    Want to Invest in Multifamily Housing?

    Multifamily housing has always been a good investment. Investors have generally loved this sector. Performance In 2018, multifamily vacancy rates (for class B & C) have been below 6% while class A properties are about 9%. More and more investors are closing watching multifamily properties, parti…Read More

  3. remote-workplace-workers

    Why Are Remote Workers Outperforming Remote Workplace Workers?

    Office workers seem to have a harder time concentrating at work then do remote workplace workers. Google’s Work Environment Look at Google’s offices. Have you seen these crazy offices? Lounges, tree house type cubicles and hammocks. It looks like a fun place to work but the question is, does tha…Read More

  4. property-managers

    What do Property Managers Like?

    Recent Study A recent study shows that about 25% of property managers are optimistic about the future and 47% are somewhat passive and 28% are negative. For those negative 28%, the biggest issues are overworked, underpaid and stressed by the demands of the clients, which are ever increasing. People …Read More