1. Preparing-Your-Rental-For-Summer

    Preparing Your Rental For Summer

    Summer Is Right Around the Corner Time seems to be moving quicker these days and summer will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start preparing your rentals for what summer brings. HVAC During the summer months, HVAC systems kick into high gear. Servicing your HVAC will help ensure it ru…Read More

  2. lease-management

    What Every Lease Should Have?

    Create Your Own Lease? Whether you create your own lease, use a state-specific template or have your legal team draft a lease, there are some key items that should be included. The lease agreement is what contractually connects a tenant to one of your rental properties. The lease outlines the expect…Read More

  3. natural-disaster

    Preparing Your Rentals for Disaster

    Location Doesn’t Matter Whether you own rental properties in California, Georgia, Oklahoma or Florida, storms are a normal part of our weather cycle. Along with these storms comes the fact of flooding. Flooding is a problem in every state across our country. When these storms and floods come, it o…Read More

  4. local-or-long-distance-rentals

    Long Distant Rentals

    If you own rental properties, you understand the challenges that’s involved in the management of them. Managing local properties, is doable however if you are an out of state owner, managing rental properties becomes very difficult. That might be the time to hire a property management company. A l…Read More

  5. Ageing-Renters

    The Ageing of Today’s Renters

    The 3rd largest group of renters now fall in the 60+ age group. This has increased by over 42% over the last 10 years. The aging tenant trend will probably increase over time. 60+ renters are the fastest growing group of tenants. What’s Driving This One obvious answer is the decline in home owners…Read More