We Are PropertyZar™

Property management professionals.

PropertyZar™ is an established software development and technology company, founded in mid 2017, specializing in vertical market software solutions that offer software tools and services to property managers and landlords who manage residential, commercial, and vacation properties online. Our key property management software products are used by thousands of users all across the United States and in many other countries. PropertyZar™ is backed by a successful and experienced real estate company, KPB Properties, that has built and sold three other software products in the past. At KBP Properties, they have built a property management software that is focused on customers success. With over 15 years of experience, we have established a solid team dedicated to supporting all of our customers around the world.

PropertyZar™ began with the idea of creating a property management platform that would generate an impact within the industry. We want to give our clients the tools they need to manage smaller units as well as large-scale residential properties and even commercial portfolios.

While our core business is software technology, we are also active real estate investors. That means our property management software will be a comprehensive solution for other real estate investors as well. We eat, breath and sleep real estate. We constantly evaluate real estate deals, locate raw land for residential development projects and much more. We are on the front lines of property management trends and are very quick to add new features to PropertyZar™. While we continuously consult with property managers and real estate professionals, we also have a wealth of property management ourselves.

We can help you manage any size portfolio on any platform with zero obligation and maximum affordability.

With our own real estate portfolio, we began to search for property management software that could help us manage day-to-day operations efficiently. Most of what we found fell short of our requirements. The 2–3 that did meet most of our requirements were too cost prohibitive for portfolios of 20, 50, or 80 units. As a result, we found that smaller portfolio managers resorted to using QuickBooks, Excel, Google Docs and a host of other piecemeal tools in an effort to help them manage their properties.

Because of the added complexity, many owners hire a professional property manager (PPM). PPMs offer a tremendous value, however some owners prefer to manage their own properties. So for a owner/landlord managing 40 properties, that may average $4,000 per month in management fees.

There had to be a better way! So our team began to build a full featured rental property application, but at a price point that makes it possible for the smaller portfolio managers to have the same application tools and features that are available for the larger portfolios.

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Our company’s mission is “A simple way to manage your properties online”.

PropertyZar™ is consistently looking towards the future needs of property managers everywhere, as well as the upcoming landscape for mobile technology. We want to continue to make PropertyZar™ accessible with new types of software as well as new hardware for cloud access. We will continue to work at maintaining the security of the platform as well as its mass compatibility for new technology. If you think PropertyZar™ could benefit your portfolio management, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.