1. HOAs-Involvement

    What Is Your HOAs Involvement Like?

    Do you manage real estate properties with HOAs? Is communication with your residents something that is common for you? As 2019 begins, HOA board members should consider offering feedback on how the HOS can improve the community and make it a great place to live. Responsibility Tenants should take re…Read More

  2. home-maintenance

    Why Not Fix it Yourself?

    Many homeowners and property management companies do not consider home maintenance until something breaks. Is that the best way to maintain your investment? Whether you are a new landlord or seasoned one, you should establish some maintenance protocols. Here are some tips for protecting your investm…Read More

  3. economy-downturn

    Will 2019 Bring an Economic Downturn for Multifamily?

    All the talk about a 2019 downturn may end up being exaggerated, just a bit. There are some signs of a slight decline, primarily due to the uncertainty in the market. However, many of these are simply overblown. The economy’s fundamentals are strong and there seems to be a good amount of momentum.…Read More

  4. Self-Storage

    What’s in Store for Self-Storage Units?

    The self-storage market has seen significant growth over the past decade. It seems Americans continue to collect too much ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit into their homes. That’s all great for property management companies. However, the industry is changing. Increase of Self-Storage Units There has…Read More

  5. Capital-Resources

    Capital Resources for 2019

    The choices for multi-family investors continues to grow for 2019. Sure, there are concerns about higher interest rates, property values and high inventory but that doesn’t seem to affect the availability of capital sources. This is good news for property management companies. As the real estate m…Read More

  6. opportunity-zone

    Opportunity Zones

    Since I am in in the property management software business, most all my blogs are related to property managers or landlords. However, this blog will cover a new federal program for real estate investors call Opportunity Zones. While it may benefit property managers or property management companies, …Read More

  7. handle-multiple-roommates

    Multiple Roommates per Property

    Is there any special way for property managers to handle multiple roommates per lease? Common Issue This is a common issue for landlords and property management companies. My first advice is to spell out the details of guests and roommates in the initial lease. Be upfront and make sure you specify a…Read More

  8. Security-Deposits

    Returning Security Deposits

    When it comes time for your tenants to move out, landlords and property managers must decide if they can return the entire security deposit or not. 1 in 4 tenants say they did not receive the amount of return they were expecting. So, what is the deal? Full Security Deposit Refund Believe it or not, …Read More

  9. Money-Lenders

    Understanding Today’s Hard Money Lenders

    Hard money lenders have changed from the typical definition a few years back. In the past, loan sharks were often synonymous with hard money lenders. Part of the reality that backs that point of view was those lenders often loaned money to people they didn’t believe would succeed. When they would …Read More

  10. Tenant-Complaints

    A Look At Some Of The Top Tenant Complaints

    It’s time to face the fact that there is a good chance your tenants don’t love you. If that is true of your property management company, then maybe it’s time to find out why. With all the potential issues that can go wrong, coupled with numerous tenants, it’s common to have rocky roads with …Read More