Moving to a new place is both exciting and tiresome. For some, it’s a big relief to finally find a new home and be part of a new community. How property managers and landlords reach out to new tenants during this transition will set the tone for future relationships.

Here are some ideas to engage with your new tenants, after they have been approved and before they move in.

Welcome Letter

Send a welcome letter or email to your new tenant. The letter should include:

A Warm Introduction – Include information that you deem important based on your property, community and facilities.

Identify the next steps – things like setting up utilities, cable, internet, forwarding address etc. Provide company, contact emails, website links and phone numbers to assist the new tenant. Remember, they may not know the utility providers in that area.

Tenant Tools – if you are using a property management software, more than likely you have a tenant mobile app. Include this feature in your initial letter. Let them know the tools available to them as well as how the tool can be used (online payments, submitting work orders etc.)

Summarize Costs – include a summary of potential move in costs. Utility deposits, parking fees, pet fees, storage fees etc. This reminds the tenant of these fees that were covered during the application process.

Provide a Moving Checklist

This will help them navigate the process and remember important tasks.

After the Welcome Letter

After you send the welcome letter, schedule a brief walk through of the property and facilities. This could be schedule at the same time when they are onsite with you for other reasons (ex: signing the lease). Items to review:

  • Introduction to your property management company staff
  • Office Hours
  • After Hour support procedures
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Due Dates
  • Tenant mobile app
  • Social Media access (community event calendar, newsletters and general information)

Welcome Gifts

Everyone likes gifts. Gifts put a smile on your face, not so much for the gift itself but for the thoughtfulness is represents.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Any marketing items for your property management company (water bottles, coffee cups, key chains, tote bag)
  • Subscription to Netflix or similar
  • A bottle of wine (you may want to confirm that they drink wine)
  • Gift basket with a variety of items

The renewal rate for tenants is approx. 59% higher if they were satisfied during the move in process. This is based on a study by Kinglsey Associates.

So, treat your new tenants like the new customers they are. In turn, you will build better and stronger relationships.

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