Mar 24 2019

What Every Lease Should Have?

Create Your Own Lease? Whether you create your own lease, use a state-specific template or have your legal team draft a lease, there are some key items that should be included. The lease agreement is what contractually connects a tenant to one of your rental properties. The lease outlines the expectations and rules of this

Mar 11 2019

Long Distant Rentals

If you own rental properties, you understand the challenges that’s involved in the management of them. Managing local properties, is doable however if you are an out of state owner, managing rental properties becomes very difficult. That might be the time to hire a property management company. A long-distance property manager is not a slam

Mar 08 2019

The Ageing of Today’s Renters

The 3rd largest group of renters now fall in the 60+ age group. This has increased by over 42% over the last 10 years. The aging tenant trend will probably increase over time. 60+ renters are the fastest growing group of tenants. What’s Driving This One obvious answer is the decline in home ownership. Many

Jan 22 2019

What Is Your HOAs Involvement Like?

Do you manage real estate properties with HOAs? Is communication with your residents something that is common for you? As 2019 begins, HOA board members should consider offering feedback on how the HOS can improve the community and make it a great place to live. Responsibility Tenants should take responsibility for abiding by the CC&Rs

Jan 11 2019

What’s in Store for Self-Storage Units?

The self-storage market has seen significant growth over the past decade. It seems Americans continue to collect too much ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit into their homes. That’s all great for property management companies. However, the industry is changing. Increase of Self-Storage Units There has been a significant increase in self-storage construction as demand has risen.

Jan 09 2019

Capital Resources for 2019

The choices for multi-family investors continues to grow for 2019. Sure, there are concerns about higher interest rates, property values and high inventory but that doesn’t seem to affect the availability of capital sources. This is good news for property management companies. As the real estate market remains strong, more investors will rely on property

Jan 08 2019

Opportunity Zones

Since I am in in the property management software business, most all my blogs are related to property managers or landlords. However, this blog will cover a new federal program for real estate investors call Opportunity Zones. While it may benefit property managers or property management companies, it’s definitely geared towards real estate investors. With

Jan 07 2019

Multiple Roommates per Property

Is there any special way for property managers to handle multiple roommates per lease? Common Issue This is a common issue for landlords and property management companies. My first advice is to spell out the details of guests and roommates in the initial lease. Be upfront and make sure you specify all the details that

Jan 04 2019

Returning Security Deposits

When it comes time for your tenants to move out, landlords and property managers must decide if they can return the entire security deposit or not. 1 in 4 tenants say they did not receive the amount of return they were expecting. So, what is the deal? Full Security Deposit Refund Believe it or not,