1. Money-Lenders

    Understanding Today’s Hard Money Lenders

    Hard money lenders have changed from the typical definition a few years back. In the past, loan sharks were often synonymous with hard money lenders. Part of the reality that backs that point of view was those lenders often loaned money to people they didn’t believe would succeed. When they would …Read More

  2. real-estate-management-software

    These Advancements Are Bringing Real Estate into the Modern Era

    Many industries throughout the marketplace have changed their practices in response to developments in technology, but real estate, including property management is still largely stuck in the past. On-demand app development is making access to services easier than. Artificial intelligence and the In…Read More

  3. multi-family-housing

    Want to Invest in Multifamily Housing?

    Multifamily housing has always been a good investment. Investors have generally loved this sector. Performance In 2018, multifamily vacancy rates (for class B & C) have been below 6% while class A properties are about 9%. More and more investors are closing watching multifamily properties, parti…Read More

  4. rental-property-accounting-software

    Should You Worry About Rent Controls?

    Rent Control Advocates If you do any amount or reading or watch any news, advocates are everywhere and for every cause. Some good, some not so good. Rent control is no different. There are advocate groups pushing for rent control. A recent defeat in CA had set the rent control push, a few steps back…Read More

  5. property-management-software

    Flip or Hold, Which Is It?

    Depends on what type of investor you want to be. Profits are made in both scenarios but choosing the right strategy depends on several key factors. Consider your age, need for cash flow, retirement goals and many other factors. Holding Properties Buying and holding properties usually are for lo…Read More

  6. online-property-management-solution

    Should You Abandon Technology?

    There is no argument, technology has changed the landscape of nearly every industry in the world. That includes property management. There are many positive outcomes from technology but also some downside. So, should you abandon technology and go back to a more one on one personal relationship with …Read More

  7. residential-property

    Why Would Anyone Invest in Multi-Family Properties?

    Real estate is unlike other investment strategies like bonds or stocks. Congress has laws in place to reward investors who invest in real estate. Why? Well this country needs housing and government isn’t into housing (for the most part), so they encourage anyone who wants to provide housing by off…Read More

  8. secure-property-from-terror-attack

    Securing Your Properties Against Terror Attacks?

    To be straight up, there is good and evil in this world. God and Satan or any other label you ascribe to. As such, we are experiencing different methods of which these evil acts are carried out. Whether there is an increase in the number of attacks or not, that’s a topic that requires more researc…Read More

  9. break-rental-lease

    How Can You Break A Rental Lease

    Let’s face it, people usually do not enter a legally binding lease with the intention of breaking it. Sometimes life deals us challenges that conflicts with our current lease. Whether its job related, family or health issues. There is a plethora of situations that can arise that will have you aski…Read More

  10. Marketing-Tips-for-Property-Managers

    How Property Managers Fill Vacancies

    In order to fill your vacancies, you first need to know what renters want. That list can vary widely based on the type of rental property you have. Renters moving into an apartment will have different ‘wants’ then those moving into a single-family home. Longer Term Renters For those who are long…Read More