Communicate with Tenants, Vendors and Owners

Let’s face it. One of the biggest challenges that landlords and property managers face is that of communications. Communication (or lack thereof) is one of the largest complaints in the real estate industry. PropertyZar™ makes communicating with tenants, vendors and property owners incredibly easy.

There are multiple ways to communicate using the PropertyZar™ property management program. PropertyZar™ offers communication through email or SMS to any person. In addition to that, all communications are logged for future reference.

Are you getting walk-ins, multiple phone lines ringing or just generally having to multitask? A property manager’s day can get quite hectic. With all that ‘busy-ness,’ how many times have you told someone you would call them back when you could, but forgot to do so? You can bet that the tenant, vendor, or property owner didn’t forget you said that you’d call. With PropertyZar™ property management software, you can quickly jot down notes with our ‘Sticky Notes,’ function. Our property management tools allow you to quickly make a reminder to call someone back or do anything else. Sticky notes help you to not forget to return a call.

In addition to the multiple locations that you can communicate within PropertyZar™, the tenant can also communicate through the tenant app (PZ Tenant) directly to the property manager. Also, the property owner can communicate with the property manager through the owner app (PZ Owner).

Communications can easily be searched and retrieved for any reason. Learn more today by speaking with a member of our team.