PropertyZar™ comes complete with full accounting features for all aspects of property management. Our property management accounting software provides more than just additions and subtractions.

With PropertyZar™, subscribers can benefit from an all-in-one platform that can significantly lower the cost of ownership, streamline processes and save countless hours of work. Here are some of the key elements included in our property management software’s accounting tools:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • General Ledger/Journal Entries
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Check Registers
  • Reconciliation
  • Deposits
  • Batch Print Invoices
  • Print Checks
  • Receive e-Payments from tenants via mobile app
  • Pay Bills via e-check directly to your vendors’ bank account
  • Receive online payments that are automatically posted and deposited into your bank
  • Transfer Funds between bank accounts
  • Recurring Transactions (bills and invoices)
  • Credits and Refunds
  • Auto Generate Bills from Work Orders
  • Receive e-Payments from Owners via mobile app
  • When Entering Bills, Automatically Create Invoices for Responsible Parties
  • Set Rules for Reconciliation to Split Between Accounts (v3) (great for VRBO)
  • Automatic Calculate Late Fees
  • Auto Generate Owner Invoices & Email for Management Fees
  • Generate Monthly Management Fee Reports Automatically & Email to Owners
  • Automatically Email Owner Statements Monthly
  • Send Invoice Reminders
  • Set Custom Management Fee Schedules for Each Owner
  • Create Management Fees based on Percent or Flat Fee, Choose Which Accounts Fees Apply To or Split Income with Property Owners for Select Accounts.

With PropertyZar™’s web based property management accounting, you can be more productive anywhere & anytime. For example, with our automated features, PropertyZar™ can do the following without any user input:

Every Month –

  • Generate Monthly Management Fee Report and Email to Owner
  • Generate Management Fee Invoice To Owner
  • Owner Can Pay Invoice via Mobile App (or deduct from their disbursement)
  • Payment Automatically Posts to Invoice
  • Payment Automatically Deposits Into your Bank Account

There are many other automated features that will save property managers considerable amount of time and maximize profitability. PropertyZar™ is designed to make the scouting and bookkeeping process easy and mistake-free. 


PropertyZar™ comes with an abundance of financial reports. All reports can be run by owner, building or property. All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or printed. Learn more about our property management software and accounting tools today by contacting a member of our team.