Investor Relations

Investor Relations

PropertyZar is a web based property management software for the real estate market. Utilizing the latest technology platforms, allows for rapid development, reduced maintenance, scalability and better performance.

We offer a subscription model to real estate investors, landlords, property owners and property managers with no geographical limitations. PropertyZar is multi-language capable including our mobile apps, thus paving the way for us to grow worldwide.

Our mission is to provide the most modern and feature rich property management software to all property owners and managers regardless of their portfolio size. PropertyZar is one of the most affordable property management software solutions on the market. With more than 22 million individual real estate investors, we believe that as their portfolios grow, so will the need for powerful real estate software such as PropertyZar.

We are currently experiencing significant growth and with a perpetual list of new features not seen in any other system, we are confident in a very promising outlook for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. PropertyZar is on the it’s way to surpass the features, UI and UX found in some of the largest property management software companies.

Our team has successfully developed and marketed a prior software product, that grew that company to the point of an acquisition. With our team in place, we expect PropertyZar to gain substantial market share over the next few years.

If you would like more information, you can contact our business development team at 423-453-4004 x101 or E-Mail at

We help you manage any size portfolio and on any platform with zero obligation and maximum affordability.