Online Rental Applications

Online rental applications now include tenant screening at no cost to property managers

PropertyZar’s new partner TenantMagic provides online rental application with the most comprehensive tenant screening reports available (credit, criminal and eviction, including a credit score) to agents, property managers and owners. The new application includes Fair Housing-compliant residency requirements that the applicant sees before completing and paying for the application. This helps with reducing the time the property manager wastes with unqualified applicants.

This program is free for property managers–each applicant pays the $37.50 fee. Registration takes a minute and there is no need for on-site registration.

All the property manager needs to do is enter the email address of the primary applicant and the TenantMagic does the rest, including all customer service throughout the process.Within 5 minutes after completion, the property manager is notified by email to review the completed application and the screening reports which include – 

  • Complete credit report -credit score, credit history, late payments and collections
  • Civil judgments –bankruptcies and liens
  • Criminal –nationwide federal, state, county and municipal reporting
  • Eviction reports for the primary applicant and all co-applicants
  • Sex offender reports

The property manager has the ability to enter the owner’s name and email address, which allows them to log into TenantMagic to view the completed application and screening reports.

TenantMagic’s customer service answers applicants’ questions and provides assistance with the online application. Additionally, TenantMagic sends reminders to applicants or co-applicants that have not fully completed their applications.

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