Online Rental Applications

Online rental applications are included with PropertyZar. Invite your applicants to apply online via email or SMS. Once the application has been completed, they are inserted directly into PropertyZar and a new task is assigned to you to review and process the new application. You will also receive an email notification about the new application.

User Defined Questions – You can create unlimited questions for the applicant to answer during the application process. There are no limits to the questions and you can choose to make the answer mandatory.

Online rental applications include the ability for the applicant to upload documents such as copy of their driver’s license, paycheck etc.

Default applications are setup when you sign up with PropertyZar. PropertyZar offers custom applications that can be branded with your company and posted on your marketing site. In addition, you have the option to require online payment of the application fee at time of submission.

Applicants can find your listings and quickly apply online. You will then see all applications submitted and can easily order background screenings for Credit, Eviction and Criminal.

Online rental applications save you time and money. If you need additional information from the applicant, you can communicate with them from within PropertyZar via email or SMS. All communications are logged for future reference.