Online Electronic Payments

In today’s world, electronic transactions are quickly becoming the new way of completing transactions. 8 out of 10 renters prefer to pay their rent online. Renters can pay via PropertyZar’s mobile app or property managers and owners can accept e-payments directly into PropertyZar.

PropertyZar allows property managers and owners to reap the benefits of electronic payments between tenants, property owners and vendors. Get paid and pay bills faster with our integrated payment options. All bank accounts are verified and run through a fraud protection process. This protects you from any potential fraud. Confirmed and verified account payments are processed within 4 business days and automatically posted in PropertyZar accounting.

Your vendors will appreciate the speed in which they can receive their monies as well. PropertyZar allow you to quickly pay vendor bills via e-check directly to the vendor without the delay and expense of mailing paper checks.

PropertyZar reduces the administrative costs and time of paper checks automates the rent collection and bill payment processes.

PropertyZar offers payment options that your residents want. We can process e-Check (ACH) or Credit Card. These options are designed to meet the unique requirements of property managers.

Benefits of PropertyZar e-payment options

  • Meets the e-payment needs of property managers
  • Reduces time and saves money
  • Streamlines the process of accepting and sending payments
  • Improves property managers’ cash flow
  • Reduces the risk of theft and fraud
  • Multiple channels (mobile app, online or by phone)