It’s time to face the fact that there is a good chance your tenants don’t love you. If that is true of your property management company, then maybe it’s time to find out why.

With all the potential issues that can go wrong, coupled with numerous tenants, it’s common to have rocky roads with tenants. However, a good property management company can implement processes and procedures to reduce the amount of complaints.

Good Relationship

A good and open relationship with your tenants is the start of good things to come. Good relationships lead to less vacancies and higher retention rates. Communication is critical for property management companies and the most common way of communicating is SMS, email and the phone.

Communicate about everything. Most property management software systems include these features as well as logging all past communications. So communicate about general violations, reminders for events, trash pickup, upcoming invoices, holiday schedules etc.

Work Orders

Another common complaint is managing work orders. Whether the tenant’s request is not getting the attention it needs or in a timely fashion. Let’s be honest, work orders are a big and ongoing issue.

What may seem minor in the property manager’s eyes may be a big deal in the tenant’s eyes. For example, a vibrating/rattling air return may be minor to the property manager (not being an emergency and probably not expensive to fix) however it’s annoying to the tenant who is carrying out conversations or watching TV in their unit.

A good property management software is critical for managing work orders but also, you must put in place, procedures to remedy all work orders as soon as possible. Communication during the work order process will also go a long way in your relationship with the tenant.

Increasing Rents

Are you surprised this made the list of complaints? Rent increases can fall into a couple of categories.

  • Percent of increase
  • Unexpected increase

Property managers and landlords can easily fix these 2 issues but outlining them in the initial lease. Define the expected rate of increase as well as the date that the increase will/can occur.

Communication with the tenants by way of a reminder is also a nice thing to do. Tenants will not remember the lease details from a year ago. Even when you highlight the rate increase at the time if signing, a sms or email message reminding them that an increase will take place 60, 90 days from now will reduce this type of complaint.

Security Deposits

When it comes time to refund the tenant’s security deposit, it is imperative that you outline what the tenant can do to receive a full refund. A big complaint is that the property management companies are withholding too much of the deposit.

It’s in the landlord’s best interest to return as much of the deposit as possible. This will make everyone happy. Good communications with the tenant will prepare the tenant on expectations. Remind the tenant of their responsibilities before moving out in order to get a full refund of their deposit. Reminders such as carpet cleaning, general cleaning of the unit, any nail holes or other minor repairs that are required and outlined in the lease.

Sending these reminders 15 and 30 days prior to moving out will help the tenant in completing their responsibilities and results in a full refund of their deposits.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, communication is part of the resolution in all these complaints. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

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