Oh, the joys of working remote (aka:telecommuting). Flexible travel, hours, locations all have an enticing draw to them. With improved technology, working remote is now possible whereas a decade ago, it wasn’t.

But Can You Handle it?

Everyone is different. From extroverts to introverts to emotionally needy individuals to the secure and insecure to the self-motivator to the ‘tell me every move to make’ individual. Working remotely is not best for everyone. While there are certainly advantages, it does require individuals with certain personality traits.Before you ever apply for a remote position, look past the obvious, ‘I get to work butt naked’ and really analyze yourself. If you do not have the traits needed, you will quickly regret your decision, hopefully before your employer regrets theirs.

Remote Companies

More and more companies are allowing team members to work remotely. Some companies are 100% remote while others are 0% remote and everything in between. There are certain challenges for a company to incorporate a remote workplace policy, however some companies are not able to offer RWP options simply because of the nature of their business.

PropertyZar use to have corporate offices with everyone working onsite. We have since moved to a 100% remote work place. We can because our business is software development. Our hosting centers are no longer in our building and all our work is now done on computers. From developers to customer support to database administration. We use O365 for sharing, collaborating and chatting. There are tools available that allow you to make a group voice call (like an intercom) or you can drag yourself into someone’s virtual office. Then speak and you are only speaking to those in that office.

What Are the Benefits?

For the Company

  • Less overhead / expense
  • Happier team members
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Increased talent pool. (we can find experienced property managers anywhere in the country)

For the Team Member

  • No commute (traffic jams)
  • No dress code (suggestion: have some indicator to tell you when your web cam is on)
  • Less unnecessary interruptions
  • Controlled environment (quite or music blaring – whatever your preference)
  • Ability to travel and work
  • More time with family

About PropertyZar

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