Should you care about possessing people skills as a property manager? After all, how important is it really?

People skills are not industry specific. Whether you are a commercial property manager or residential property manager, people are people. Business tenants will be the same as residential tenants when it comes time to the ideas below.

I’ll give you some reasons why you should dust off your people skills when it comes time to dealing with everyone such as applicants, tenants, vendors and property owners.

The truth of the matter is we all must ‘learn’ people skills, no one is born with them automatically. People skills are simply the ability to deal with and work with all types of people. People skills will often dictate the position you achieve in your company. Great skills and chances are you will rise in ranks (assuming you posses the other job requirements).


This is probably one of the hardest things to do. Shut up and listen! God gave 2 ears and 1 mouth. Practice becoming a good listener. When you listen, you tell the speaker that you really care about them and what they have to say. That in and of itself goes a long long way.

No one will ever complain that you listen too much. People like other people to listen to them. It makes them feel appreciated and important to you. Whether that is a vendor or a tenant. When you become a good listener, people will feel comfortable around you. It also builds long lasting relationships.


A smile goes along way. It will lighten the atmosphere and display a sense of calm in the room. It also sends a message to the other person that you are comfortable with them. This will rub off and the other person will begin to feel that same level of comfort.

A smile will break down emotional walls without even speaking a word. It sets the right ‘moody for the upcoming conversation.

Use Their Name

The sweetest word in the English language it the name of the other person. When you use their name, the immediately ‘listen up’. It’s soothing to them. It’s comforting and gives the other person a sense of friendship with you.

You show respect and sends a message to them that you know who they are and they are important to you and this conversation.


Good communication skills provide the following positive results:

  • Influence
  • Results (from the conversation)
  • Sense of spirit between parties
  • Positive attitudes. Everyone leaves happy
  • Stronger relationships with tenants, vendors and property owners
  • Increase business because of more relationships

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