Part of a property managers’ job duties is showing available properties to would be tenants. What a big waste of time is, is driving across town for a showing only to find the other parties are ‘no-shows’.

When you set up the appointment for the property showing, be sure to get the mobile phones of all attendees. Also, be sure to set reminders for the showings. A good Property Management Software will have the ability to create appointments for showings and set multiple reminders for all attendees.

If your showing is a few days out, you should create a reminder by email and SMS for maybe 24 hours before. Then another reminder for 1 hour before the appointment time. Let’s face it, people are busy. Reminders are a good thing.

The reminders should include the attendees mobile phone as well as an email address. Furthermore, the reminders should include the property address. If an applicant is running late, they can easily tap the provided mobile number in the SMS reminder to call you and tell you they are running late.

If the applicant is lost (maybe moving in from out of town), they could quickly tap the address included in the reminder in the SMS to google map it and find their way in life once again.

Reminders create accountability for applicants as well as the property manager.

Too many times, people will schedule a showing of one of your properties but then reconsider.

Sometimes emergencies change their plans, or they are no longer interested in your property. Sometimes they just forget to call you and cancel. Either way, if you have their mobile number, you can follow-up with them to confirm their arrival if they are late. More importantly is that it reduces the amount of time you waste waiting around if they are not going to show.

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