Property Managers don’t just manage rental properties, they manage investments. Therefore, it is important to maintain that property to ensure the greatest value for the property owner.

If you do not maintain it as issues arise, it will later become a bigger issue. Inspecting the property on a regular basis is something that anyone can do, with a little assistance. By finding these small problems sooner, you can identify problems before they become more serious and save the property owner a significant amount of money. In some cases, fixing issues can boost the rental property’s value.

When you’re buying or selling a real estate property, it’s best to have a professional home inspection by a licensed professional. However, conducting a DIY home inspection with the help of a property inspection application can be your first line of defense to identify major problems inside your property. When you use a property inspection app, the templates will guide you through each room and each item to inspect. Simply follow along in the app and your inspections can uncover potential problems.

Some warning signs to look for during a property inspection are water stains under sinks, cracks in your walls, doors or windows that don’t close tight, dryer vents, door bells, insufficient insulation and water heaters with a significant amount of rust at the base. Some of these issues are easily repaired but some may require a professional. Identifying any issues quickly can protect the property investment.

Whether you are inspecting the rental properties that you manage or own, be sure to use a checklist or an app for onsite property inspections. Take your time and be thorough. Onsite inspection apps will guide you by providing a checklist of all the main inspection items to ensure you don’t overlook important items.

Onsite Property Inspections

For property managers who utilize a property inspection application, be sure to include photos of each area inspected. Notes and images may save you down the road should an issue arise. Keep in mind, when you do the “move in” inspection, take pictures of the condition of the interior as it stands in good condition. Don’t just wait until damage to take pictures. You need to include pictures on the condition of the property before the tenant moves in. Many online lease management software solutions come with a property inspection application for onsite inspections.

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