The property management industry continues to evolve in the expectations of what technology can provide. Gone are the days of managing properties with the pen and paper approach. The evolution of technology and the tech savvy ability of property managers, property owners and tenants has reached a level not seen before now. Expectations are high from everyone and the demand for speed and efficiency is no longer a luxury but a requirement.

With the availability of “all in one” property management software solutions, property managers are adapting to the new efficiencies that such a software provides.

Benefits of All-In-One Online Property Management Application

Web based property management software allows for 24/7 easy access for everything the property manager or owner needs to manage their real estate property portfolios. No longer does the property manager need to drive to the office and start the computer in order to look up information or any other common task. With the correct online property management software, all functionality can be accessed by any device and from anywhere anytime. Some of the common features users expect from a complete property management software solution are:

User Friendly Interface

With so many software applications available, standards have been set that users expect. Common navigation and functionality is seen across all markets that use technology. Search boxes, collapsible menu bars etc. A good modern property management solution will use the latest technology that incorporates these latest ‘look and fee’, thus reducing the overall learning curve of most users.

Better Data Accuracy

With a complete property management application, having everything you need in a single package reduces the need to manually transfer data from one program to another. In addition to the time required to export/import data into various systems, if not correctly done can lead to incorrect data. With complete online property management software, manual steps are now replaced with automated processes and workflows that ensures accuracy.


With online or web based property management software, users have access to all the business functions they need including managing work orders, accounting functions, reporting, communicating with tenants and vendors, scheduling appointments and much more. Access is available from any device and is real-time. In addition, many online property management software solutions include mobile apps for keys business functions such as online payments, look up existing work order status and new work order requests. With online real-time access, everyone will can see real time data.

Better Communications with Tenants, Owners & Vendors

Complete property management system includes internal communication ability. Common methods include email and SMS (texts). Having easy to use communications ability is paramount to running a successful property management company. All communications to Vendors, Owners and Tenants are general logged and tracked for easy historical access. With centralized communications, your vendors, owners and tenants can all be reading from the same sheet. Everyone will stay in the loop when it comes to maintenance requests. Automatic work order notifications shorten the time to address the maintenance request which in return makes happier tenants. With an automated property management software, missing hand notes and relying on someone’s memory is a thing of the past.

Attention to Your Customer

For professional property managers, customers include property owners as well as tenants. In today’s technology world,  property management professionals who focus on their customer’s needs will increase overall satisfaction and solidly their long-term relationship. Using a fully integrated online web based property management software solution will provide a significant advantage for property managers. Property managers are able to respond more efficiently to tenants and owners and resolve any issues in a timely manner. A complete property management software will improveyour customer service and provide greater growth and profit opportunities.

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