You’ve seen the lines at the Apple Store; hundreds of anxious consumers waiting their turn to buy the latest iPhone. Maybe you’re even one of them? After choosing the right model and color, you opt for the insurance which protects your phone from accidental damage, just in case it drops in the pool. You want to protect your new investment, but what about theft? If you are currently renting your home, you may not realize that your landlord’s home insurance policy does not cover your personal items.

Without renter’s insurance, if there is a theft, fire, flood or other disaster and your furniture, bike, laptop, camera or iPhone are damaged or destroyed, you have no coverage to help you replace them. You need renter’s insurance, but where do you start?

PropertyZar is always looking for ways to make your life easier and has teamed up with Lemonade to help you acquire affordable renter’s insurance quickly and easily.

The Internet has changed the way we do everything. Lemonade is a new tech-powered insurance company driven by social good. They remove the traditional hassle of finding good insurance by allowing you to get a quote in seconds online or through their easy-to-use app. No high-pressure salespeople or brokers and no waiting on hold or complicated paperwork, simply log-on and protect what matters to you. Lemonade policies start at only $5 for renter’s insurance and $25 for homeowner’s insurance.

The best part is that all unclaimed money is donated to the charity of your choice!

We’re excited to introduce Lemonade to our clients. They are not only reinventing the way we get insurance, but they are changing the course of an entire industry by focusing on the customer experience and giving back to the community. PropertyZar is always seeking the latest tools and technology solutions to help our property owners and their tenants.

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