PropertyZar’s cloud-based property management software enables property managers and owners to scale their real estate business. With PropertyZar’s robust application, property managers can market vacancies, run background screening, accept online applications, and maintain all their accounting records by owner and/or property.

PropertyZar’s web-based property management software also reduces the amount of work that is required of property managers. Managers or Owners can configure PropertyZar to:

  • Automatically enter late fees
  • Automatically send out owner statements
  • Auto syndicate properties
  • Automated recurring invoices
  • Appointment reminders
  • Automated asset reminders (change filters, maintenance etc.)
  • Automated work order requests
  • Automatically email management fee reports
  • Rent reminders are automatically sent to tenants

PropertyZar also comes with PZ Tenant, our mobile app for tenants. Using PZ Tenant, tenants can pay their invoices online as well as many other tasks.

PropertyZar will soon be releasing our PZ Inspector mobile app which allows onsite property inspections. Each inspection can include images, create work orders, add unlimited notes and more. A final inspection report can be automatically emailed to the property owners, managers, or tenant. Reports are save for future reference. Now owners can have a track record of their property conditions complete with pictures. PZ Inspector is included in the subscription fee.

With our online property management software solution, PropertyZar will save countless hours and reduce the risk of missed tasks.

We have an experienced team of real estate professionals as well as programmers that has led to the explosive growth of PropertyZar. While PropertyZar is packed with features, our list of future enhancements will rival the competition. PropertyZar is poised to experience phenomenal growth over the next few years. That is good for us but great for our customers. All future releases are included in the subscription and our customers will reap the rewards with one of the most affordable online property management software on the market.

You can learn more about our web-based property management software at

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