What is the property management and why is its importance?

Current economy demands mobility; it is impossible to live and difficult to find out a suitable occupation in our hometown. We should be prepared to get relocated anywhere in the world.

So we need a place to stay or office space or shop to start our own business.

We help to find out a property based on a potential tenants criteria by connecting a property owner or landlord. Our property management service offers hassle free and stresses free service for the owner and tenant. We maintain and manage all types of property for both commercial & domestic purposes. Like flat/house/villa/guest house/office space/commercial property/shop

Service offering for the owner:

We offer services for both long & short period of time.

  • We protect and take care of the owner’s property and provide tenant as per the owner’s choice.

o    Identify appropriate tenant by screening criminal history, background checking, and credit history.

o    Documentation and general tenancy agreement or renewal agreement as per law.

o    Manage the security deposit to release existing tenant and a new tenant.

o    All kind of bill payment like tax and utility (electric, water, piping gas etc.)

o    Single point of contact to address property related issue on behalf of owner once rented

o    Maintenance work like painting, water tap leaking, heating or air condition.

o    Collecting the rent from the tenant it will pass out to the owner by online all over the world.

o    Offer all property and compliance/legal issues handle.

o    Periodic schedule visit/inspection of property as a part of property management and takes photos. Which is accessible to the owner using our online account.

o    Advertise before and after tenancy agreement for vacant property on the various rental portal.

o    We also take care of property decoration and insurance.

  • We also protect and safeguard empty property for an owner who does not wish to rent out. Our regular inspection and maintenance would keep your property safe and secure. During your visit, you will find your property exactly the same as it was before.


Service offering for tenant:

We will find out the best suitable property for a potential tenant

  • All kind of documentation between your and owner
  • We will make sure a clean and healthy property during check-in
  • We will be a single point of contact for all kind of query or issues on behalf of the owner; would act immediately.
  • Maintain all utility meters and rent payment.
  • Through a periodic visit to keep an eye on the overall property so that you can live happily.
  • The best property management system to offer a smooth and hassle-free check-out process at the end of the contract, and release of security deposit refund


How we can help you

Both the owner and tenant needs to be registered with us. Either by completing this online form or by dialling this no. for most pleasant experience.

We follow a strict code of practice and fair treatment of both tenant & owner.

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