Evaluating the right property management software can sometimes seem overwhelming. With so many options, how do you decide?

The BIG Picture – It is important that you consider your business strategy when searching for a property management software. Whether you inherited a few rental properties, a real estate investor with multiple properties or a professional property manager looking to increase your portfolio of rental property owners.

When you choose a software solution, there is time and effort involved for you to get “up and running”. You don’t want to change products because your business has out grown your current software solution.

PropertyZar is not a “lite” application but instead is a feature rich solution for property managers and landlords. We are compared to products such as Appfolio, Yardi and Buildium. We do not compare to the smaller or freemium products.

What does that mean? A common example is Accounting. While some vendors say they have accounting, they really only have AR and AP. Another example is some products advertise they have reminders built in. After review, you learn that you must click a ‘Send Reminder’ button. Problem with that is you must remember to do so, and you must be in front of the computer.

There is a plethora of examples like this that separate PropertyZar from many of the others. There are too many to include in a BLOG post. You can visit and sign up for a free trial with no obligation.

Here are 5 additional core differences that set PropertyZar apart from most others.

PropertyZar’s Foundation – PropertyZar’s parent company is a real estate company. We eat, breath and sleep real estate. We are not just a technology company. This is a critical difference than most of our competitors. What does that mean to you? It means that PropertyZar wasn’t birthed in the mind of programmers but instead came from the mindset of active real estate investors.

As we continue our investments, development, new construction and buy and holds of residential properties, this ongoing experience flows into PropertyZar by way of new features that is hard to find in other solutions.

PropertyZar’s Technology – We researched most all the major products on the market today. Most of them are written on old technology platforms. Some companies boasted about being a web based model, when they were simply Windows based using Remote Desktop to access the software through the internet. Since most of these companies are over 10 years old, we understand why they are on old platforms. Part of running a successful software company is the plan and execution of upgrading your technology over time. Our founders previously built and ran a large medical software company with thousands of physicians. So, we understand the challenges that changing technology presents. By using the latest technology, we experience better performance, easier maintenance, lower operating costs, more features, and easier/more integration opportunities.

PropertyZar’s Cost – One thing that we found was that the entry cost for property management software was often too high for smaller portfolios. We purposely adjusted our pricing to be affordable for smaller portfolios yet scalable for large portfolios. PropertyZar is one of the lowest cost property management software available (for comparable products).

PropertyZar’s Ability to Adapt to User Suggestions – We understand that our customers are the experts. Even though we are also real estate investors, we don’t know it all. What we have built into our platform and culture is the ability to respond to and implement suggestions from our users. Not only do we implement requested changes, we do so very rapidly. Because of our technology platform along with our coding methods, we are able to accomplish this. Often times the size of the company is in direct proportion to the ability (or willingness) to implement change. We pride ourselves in our willingness to listen to our customers and act speedily. This ties into support and support is taken very seriously in our company.

PropertyZar’s Culture – Another BIG difference in PropertyZar is that we view and treat our customers as “Business Partners”. That’s not just a cliché. That difference has more of an affect that it appears. As a customer, companies simply support and wait for the customers request. As a business partner, there is more of an active role with ideas and a mentality of working together. Even if it goes beyond the use of PropertyZar’s software. Our #1 goal is to help you grow your business. That’s It!

You know the saying, rising tides lift all ships.