While all our previous BLOGs have been on topics that apply to every property manager or landlord, today’s BLOG is going to be about the latest release of PropertyZar and software business in general. The entire PropertyZar team has worked tirelessly on designing a new user interface, new features, bug fixes and overall better user experience. I want this BLOG to showcase their work and to provide an electronic form of a ‘pat on the back’.

From The Beginning

Our goal was to provide all the features of the most powerful online property management software to portfolios of all sizes. That means the property owner who manages 10 units can afford to have all the tools available as the professional property management companies have.

Early Releases

As with any new release, subscription-based software companies are always faced with the challenge of providing a minimum viable product (MVP) and what should be included in the MVP. If you are an astute reader of business, you will understand that every software company has dealt with this. From the early days of Facebook to Apple to Microsoft. It goes beyond software companies. Look at Uber, Amazon, BiggerPockets and Cisco.

What Makes The Difference?

Companies who continue to forge forward despite challenges and obstacles. Online software companies who have a vision and will not faint in that mission to fulfil its vision. There is a plethora of challenges that face MVPs. When Facebook first started, they were inundated with issues from hardware to software. Facebook was unavailable many times as the issues were addressed. For the success of Facebook, this is a testimony to the whole Facebook team as well as to the end users. The end users were understanding enough to realize what Facebook was out to accomplish and allowed them to work through their challenges.

PropertyZar’s Sources

While our founders our in the subscription-based software sector, they are also active real estate investors. From rehabs, to new development, new construction as well as the buy and holds. We bring our experience together with many other sources to provide the best property management software.  We are active members of NARPM, National Real Estate Investor, BiggerPockets and active listeners in real estate podcasts such as Morris invest, Jake & Gino (Wheelbarrow profits) and Fourandhalf.

PropertyZar’s Latest

PropertyZar continues to add features that will improve the lives of property management companies and property owners. Our team has been adding features that our customers have been asking for. We continue to identify additional ways to improve the UX and add additional features. Our company has been in the software business for 15 years and just like our other software applications, we have never stopped adding features and improving the overall product and user experience.

New Features include

  • Email Templates
  • Email Signatures
  • Tooltips throughout to aid the user
  • Updated grids with improved filtering/sorting of records
  • Progressive Rent Increases (for longer term leases)
  • Incompatible browser warning
  • Late rent reminders
  • And many more

New Features Coming Soon:

  • Interfacing with DotLoop for e-documents
  • Salesforce integration for CRMs
  • 1099s
  • Electronically reading in banks statements for automatic reconciliation
  • Deposits directly into owner bank accounts (currently tied to Subscriber bank account)
  • Section 8 reporting
  • And a whole lot more………

Here’s a 2 page sample of before and after

Old Dashboard


New Dashboard


Old Accounting Home


New Accounting Home


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