I am a longtime user of QuickBooks. I’ve used it for all my companies since 1998. This BLOG highlights the PropertyZar accounting software as it pertains to property management.

QuickBooks – A Good Role Model

As we designed PropertyZar’s accounting, we wanted to make it as easy as QuickBooks. But we wanted to include all the accounting features needed for online property management accounting software.

QuickBooks and PropertyZar Accounting

With so many landlords and property managers familiar with QuickBooks (desktop), we paid special attention to designing PropertyZar’s accounting so that any user of QuickBooks would be able to transition with no training required.

Running Financials

We made running financials easier as well. If there is one thing lacking in QuickBooks is that it was not designed for property managers. So tracking finances per owner, building or a single property was not as easy as it could be.

PropertyZar accounting software made this easy. We configured it in such a way to run your financial reports based on property owner, building or property. Just by way of definition, a property in PropertyZar is what you lease out. Some people call them doors or units. Sample properties are a single-family home, apartment, room (student housing), a lot (for mobile home parks), Suites (commercial) etc.

Anything you would write a rental lease for would be considered a property.

A building in PropertyZar holds multiple properties. Example, strip store (w/ multiple suites), apartment ‘physical’ building (w/ multiple apts), malls (w/ multiple suites), mobile home parks (w/ multiple lots) etc.

So, with PropertyZar, you can easily run financials for:

  • a property owner (includes all their properties)
  • a building (includes all properties that are part of this building)
  • a single property

Key Features of PropertyZar Accounting

  • AR
  • AP
  • Refunds/Credits
  • Print Invoices
  • Chart of Accounts (unlimited)
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Journal Entries
  • Record Deposits
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Transfer Funds
  • Check Register
  • Print Checks
  • Generate bills from work orders
  • Pass bill responsibility to tenants with ease
  • Pay Owners or Vendors via e-Check
  • Tenant payments via e-Check via mobile app
  • Auto apply late fees
  • Email invoice reminders
  • Email past due invoice reminders
  • Vendors can submit bills via mobile app
  • Pay owners with 2 clicks – calculates net profits for owner, subtracts management fees and transfers balance to owner’s bank account

About PropertyZar

PropertyZar is a real estate technology company specifically in the web-based property management software for owners and professional property managers. Learn more www.PropertyZar.com