We all know that one of the challenges facing property managers is communications with tenants and owners. According to a CNN poll, a person between 18-29 years if age averages 88 text messages a day. SMS messages have hit main stream.

The best online property management software will include the ability to communicate via email or SMS.

SMS Availability

Whether you are a professional property manager or a property owner/landlord, you need to make sure you are accessible via SMS texts for many reasons. More often, emergencies are now sent via text messages than any other means. Many tenant mobile apps include the ability for the tenant to easily send the property manager a SMS message.

With a web-based property management software, the manager’s mobile phone is not seen by the tenant so you shouldn’t be too concerned with receiving SMS messages.

Better Communications with Tenants & Owners

When your tenants and property owners know that they can text you easily, it builds better relationships and trust between everyone. Most tenants and owners have the courtesy to consider the time of day to send a message. Unless there is a fire, flood etc., you probably will not ever receive a text in the midnight hours.

SMS History

The best online property management software will log each SMS message. This provides a history that can be referenced in the future. It also ensures accountability between all individuals.

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