You know the saying, a picture is worth a 1000 words. There is no denying the fact that great looking photos will help your marketing efforts. Renters are more inclined to choose a property that has a lot of photos with high quality.

What most renters do, is shop for rental properties and then imagine what their life would be like living there. Photos help the renter ‘imagine’. It’s a good idea to take multiple professional quality photos of each room from different angles. This helps paint a broader image for the renter to see and imagine living there and seeing the rooms from all angles.

Professional Quality

Notice I said ‘professional quality’ photos. Are these only produced from professional photographers? Not necessarily. With the higher quality cameras on the market and with a little practice, you can take decent quality photos yourself. If you are ‘camera’ challenged, then I recommend hiring a professional.

Your property class also should factor into your decision about a professional photographer. If you have class D and C properties, maybe you should take the quality photos yourself. The ROI wouldn’t make sense (in my opinion).

But that doesn’t take away from the facts of what impact professional quality photos can have on your property listings. Class D tenants still like to imagine themselves living in your property, regardless of the size or rent amount.

Preparing for the Photo Shoot

First, you should stage your property. Staging includes furniture, plants, décor, rugs etc. Don’t forget counter top items like coffee maker etc. If you are including exterior living spaces, be sure to stage it with chairs, benches, tables etc.

Cleanliness – This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways. Make sure the property is clean. Sweep, pickup, paint, wash etc.

Plan the Shoot – have some idea of the rooms you want to include in the shoot. Don’t forget the exterior living spaces. If your property is blessed with nice views, be sure to include those (mountains, ocean, pasture etc.) Also keep in mind the time of day that will provide for the best photos. You should include sunny days and at the right angles shining on your property. Seeing the sun brighten up your interior through windows or skylights help with the ambiance.

Review – review all your images before you leave. If you need to do a re-take of any images, now is the time to re-take the pictures. You should also upload all the photos to your property management software. Online property management software will use these photos when syndicating to the marketing sites such as and

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