Do you manage real estate properties with HOAs? Is communication with your residents something that is common for you? As 2019 begins, HOA board members should consider offering feedback on how the HOS can improve the community and make it a great place to live.


Tenants should take responsibility for abiding by the CC&Rs and staying current on their HOA fees. Violations of the rules or failure to pay the HOA fees/dues is not a win for anyone. HOA boards have a lot of power over the property owners.


Tenants should have the ability to express their ideas, suggestions and their concerns in order to help improve the community and build lasting relationships. Residents are important in sharing the thoughts of the community. They should be included in the regular board meetings.

Building Relationships

Tenants should make an effort in participating in any events, social or cultural activities in the community. This gives them the opportunity to meet their neighbors, build relationships and enjoy some good fellowship.


Property managers should encourage their tenants to attend regular homeowner’s association meetings. HOA board members should also always be on the lookout for potential board members and residents interested in participating in the Association’s governing process as HOA board members.

Do Away with Small Groups

Tenants in the community, should welcome new and old residents. Tenants along with property managers, should making property owners and renters feel like they are part of the community.

Pride In The Community

You want residents to be proud of their community. This will result in happy tenants and provide a higher occupancy rate because happy tenants tell their friends and family members who may be looking for a place to live. Referrals are one way to fill vacancies with virtually $0 capital. You want tenants to speak positively about their community including the HOA.

As the property management company (or you, if you are a landlord), it is your responsibility. It should be your goal to foster comradery and provide the opportunity for relationships to start and grow.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of happy tenants. Whether you are a property manager, landlord or HOA board member, you should take every opportunity to improve the satisfaction of all the residents.

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