Many homeowners and property management companies do not consider home maintenance until something breaks. Is that the best way to maintain your investment? Whether you are a new landlord or seasoned one, you should establish some maintenance protocols.

Here are some tips for protecting your investments:

Establish a Home Maintenance Plan

A good place to start is by establishing a maintenance schedule. A good property management software will assist you in creating reminders for asset maintenance. Things like changing air filters, water filters etc.

You’ll need to plan on cleaning your gutters and trimming trees from time to time. Pest control is another item that is often overlooked. Depending on your lease agreement, you may need to spray or have ground treatment performed a few times a year.

When it comes to assets such as appliances, make sure to send in any warranties and follow the maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual. Upload the warranty information along with purchase receipts into your property management software.

Don’t be afraid to do some research and speak with professionals about maintenance.

Have Your Home Systems Serviced Regularly

It’s important to get your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems checked regularly to keep them in good running shape. Some of these tasks you can complete yourself. For example, you can clean your air filters, remove debris from the vents and flush out your water heater.

For more professional tasks such as electrical, plumbing, use your property management software to track all your professional vendors. You can track their contact information as well as their insurance and professional license. Create recurring property work orders for regular maintenance and set reminders that can automatically emailed or SMS to the vendor when it’s time to service the equipment.

Maintaining your investments is a cost effective way to maximize your investments.

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