PropertyZar offers a complete robust accounting package. However, we understand that some property managers & landlords are already deeply invested in QuickBooks. 

Now you can use PropertyZar for all the key property management features that will automate the accounting in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks integration is available for PropertyZar’s Basic, Standard and Enterprise packages. (not available for desktop QuickBooks)

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • You, your bookkeeper and CPA can continue using the accounting software that everyone is familiar with
  • No need for additional accounting training
  • Lower learning curve to implement PropertyZar – a robust property management software
  • Get all the features of a PM software while reducing accounting entries into QuickBooks
  • Reduce time by eliminating duplicate entries

How PropertyZar works with QuickBooks:

  • Streamlines common financial needs with 2-way integration
  • See late invoices in PropertyZar with option to mark as paid
  • Automatically creates invoices when a new lease is added
  • Automated importing of tenants, vendors, properties (units/doors), buildings, chart of accounts and property owners
  • PropertyZar updates QuickBooks when a payment is received through PropertyZar
  • When a tenant makes a payment through the Tenant App or Tenant Portal, payment is automatically recorded in QuickBooks and invoice marked as paid
  • Easily view the tenant ledger in PropertyZar
  • See the current security deposit for a tenant in PropertyZar
  • Tenants can see their balance and ledger through our mobile app or portal (as well as make a payment)
  • Tenants easily create their bank or credit card accounts for e-payments from the app or portal
  • When completing a work order, vendors can submit a bill directly into QuickBooks from PropertyZar’s vendor mobile app
  • Vendors can view their ledger through the vendor app


To learn more, about PropertyZar’s QuickBooks integration, Contact us today.