Offering Pet Friendly Amenities

With so many households owning pets (est. 70%), offering pet friendly amenities will attract a larger pool of potential renters. These pets are ‘children’ to these families and if you are willing to show some ‘love’, property managers might just reduce your vacancy rate.
Being a pet friendly place can be a go or no-go decision for potential renters. Especially families, who look for property landlords who except pets.

Here are some ways property managers can make their rental properties more pet-friendly

Pet Parks

An excellent way to help renters keep their pets active. Outdoor pet parks provide the opportunity your tenant’s pets to socialize and get to know each other while at the same time, run off some energy which equates to calmer and quieter time in your property.

Running Paths

In addition to pet parks, a running path for owners and their pets can also be very beneficial.
These spaces also provide your tenants with some benefits as well. Tenants who own pets are shown to have improved mental and physical health. Playing with their pets lowers blood pressure and increases relaxation. In addition, residents can hang out with other residents and form relationships.


Investing in pet friendly spaces and culture will make your residents happier which will lead to less turnover.

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