Reports for Property Managers and Landlords

Reports are the outcome of all the data that you enter into PropertyZar. Reports simply pull certain data based on certain criteria and present the results in a meaningful way to the user. Reporting is a critical part in any software application.

PropertyZar comes with robust reporting capabilities. Reports are grouped by category and offer several filters.

All data can be reported by:

  • Building
  • Property
  • Owner

Run reports for a single property, a single building (which contains multiple properties, such as a strip store) or for a specific owner which would include the owner’s entire portfolio.

Some common reports are:

  • P&Ls
  • Rent Roll
  • Owner Statement
  • Management Fee Report
  • General Ledger
  • Asset Report
  • Communications Report
  • Delinquent Tenants
  • Tenant Ledger
  • Open Tasks
  • Work Order Reports
  • And many more

Any report can be added to your ‘Favorites’ for quick access.

Also, all reports can be printed or export to PDF or Excel.

Need a custom report that we don’t have? Let us know and we will put it in for free.