Easy To Use And Easy To Understand

I have been using PropertyZar for 3 months and I couldn’t be happier. We were looking for an interactive software program that could be accessed by a number of users, each with different roles in the company. PropertyZar’s format is easy to use and easy to understand. The platform which is user friend provides the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively manage properties large and small. We are able to customize leases, schedule work orders, make appointments, assign tasks, inspect and record property conditions via the “PZ Inspector” App, bill out expenses and more. But it gets better, the customer service is A+. The PropertyZar customer support team is available from the minute you log in, providing live, free, technical support, easy to follow tutorials and relentless customer support follow-up. Additionally, PropertyZar looks to continuously improve their software by adding and enhancing their software via client requests. If you are thinking of adding property management software to your business or if you’re a landlord looking to just make your life a little easier and free up some time, I urge you to take advantage of PropertyZar’s free trial. – Nick Dumas, NCDC HOMES LLC

Nick Dumas