Property managers have a lot to deal with. It’s not an easy job. Old challenges remain while new challenges arise due to new regulations and social media.

Here are some challenges that we have identified

Managing Time

With all the responsibilities that property management companies and landlords face, time management skill is a must. Along with this skill, a good online property management software is essential. Why? Because a property management app does so much to take the mundane tasks and automate them, reducing the managers work load and thus providing more time. In addition, a web-based property management software allows property managers to work from anywhere 24/7. This ability alone greatly increases productivity.

Criminal Tenants

Meth labs, drug dealing, and other criminal activity present a big problem for property managers and property owners. From police presence, quarantine for meth labs and heavy foot traffic, there is nothing in these scenarios that is good for your business. Using property management software will offer the ability to screen your tenants. This is not a guarantee but it is a start that so many managers fail to do.


This may not seem like a big issue, but it is often the largest complaint of manager, tenants and property owners. The best online property management software will include communication features. These features typically include email and SMS communications as well as logging all communications. The logs provide a history and accountability. Not to mention the ease of communicating. Tenants and property owners can communicate with the property manager via the mobile apps and managers can communicate through the online property management software 24/7.


Setting expectations for your availability from the beginning is critical. To keep your sanity, you need to set hours that you will respond to emails and take phone calls (outside of an emergency). It’s not mentally healthy to be on call 24/7. Set these expectations from the git go will male for better relationships.


With the advent of social media, more and more people are taking to post reviews. The better documentation and communication will reduce complaints to some degree. For example, if you communicate and put in writing everything, may result in fewer misunderstandings. However, you are not going to please everyone. You need to understand that online complaints are inevitable. It’s more of how you respond to these complaints that will make all the difference. So be sure to respond to all complaints and be professional in every response.

Selecting the Right Property Owner

Some property owners are difficult to work with. (shocked?)

Interview owners as you would an employee or tenant. Get a feel for their personality, temperament and expectations. Just like dealing with tenants, a good web based property management software will allow you to

Make sure they will be a good fit for your company. The headaches of dealing with a bad owner is not worth the hassle.

Sometimes it’s good to not accept a property owner.

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